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Critical Takeaways

  • The Power Of Being Boutique

When a business really knows their ideal client and the solutions they need, it makes automating the client experience possible.

  • Automation Is Key To A High-touch Experience

The biggest differentiator of a small business is the ability to provide a personalized, high-touch experience. To do this consistently, it requires clarity of the client journey and automation.

  • All-in-one CRM Solution Is Essential

When you don't have an in-house IT team, you've got to simplify your technology. An all-in-one CRM solution does that. It will have most of the tools you need and built-in automation.

Who This Book Is For.

Lawyers & Law Firms

This book will accelerate your understanding of modern digital marketing, so you can make smart time and investment decisions.

Education Services

You will learn how to create an automate, high-touch client experience that keep families come back to work with you over and over.

Coaches & Creatives

Scaling beyond the one to one coaching is key to your growth and automating helps you do that. You will learn how to do it and get a jump start on what's needed.

A practical guide to automate your marketing, sales, and operations.

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Stop drowning in tech and get off the hamster wheel with the easy to understand and follow automation strategies tailored to service-based business.

Business Owners are saying ...

What does "the boutique effect" mean?

The Boutique Effect is a result of applying boutique concepts to your service-based business like being hyper-niched and providing a high-touch client experience leveraging automation to achieve a more profitable, sustainable, and scalable business.

What are the biggest barriers to achieving the boutique effect?

Like with many things in business, it all comes back to knowing your ideal client. With automating, a business must be consistent with their messaging and have a well-defined client journey. None of that is possible, if the business doesn't intimately know who their ideal client is.

Do automation and a high-touch experience really go together?

Being high-touch means that it is personalized, incorporates elements of surprise and delight, and builds trust. All of these elements require the support of digital tools and automation. Being strategic about when to use human-touch vs automation, it what makes the experience high-touch.

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